Gong Restaurant


Signature Breakfast

It is always important to start each day with a nutritious breakfast especially when away from home. Gong restaurant at Kayumanis in Sanur serves a signature menu of á la carte favorites to boost energy levels after a full night’s rest. From gourmet delights to local dishes, all taste preferences have been taken into careful consideration.

Let us highlight Nasi Bubuh. Nasi Bubuh is a form of porridge originating from Buleleng Regency, Bali. It tastes spicy, and rich in spices. Because the taste is so spicy and rich in spices, making this dish very delicious when you eat it during the winter or it can also be used as your breakfast menu.

At Gong Restaurant we serve Nasi Bubuh as it’s original. The authentic spices blended and combination of other ingredients make Nasi Bubuh the best choice to start your day in Bali.