Gong Restaurant


Seaside Serenity Dinner by The Beach

Balinese Menu

Be Siap Sere Lemo

Chicken shredded with shrimp paste and kaffir lime flavors

Lawar Bebek

Minced duck meat and young jackfruit in Balinese spices

Sup Be Pasih Garangasem

Balinese seafood soup with lime, celery, and fried shallot

Fruit Sorbet

Iga Bawi Mepanggang

Grilled pork spare ribs in sweet soya sauce, Balinese spices and served with steam rice

Bebek Betutu Sanur

Roasted of local duck stuffed with Balinese spices, served with steam rice

Dadar Gulung Tridatu

Three colours of Balinese crepes filled with sweet grated coconut and palm sugar sauce

Coffee or Tea

Western Menu

Insalata Giolio Cesare

Romaine lettuce, smoked chicken, permesan cheese, croutons and caesar dressing

Cocktail Di Gamberi

Prawn salad with lettuce, lemon and cocktail sauce

Di Asparagi

Asparagus soup with potato, green peas and green pepper corn

Fruit Sorbet

Lemon Orange Marinated Salmon

Roasted marinated salmon in lemon orange olive oil with lemon butter sauce

Eye fillet of Beef

char – grilled marinated beef steak with herb mash, and wine sauce

Strawberry Millefeuelli

Layered strawberry and pastry cream on puff pastry with icing sugar

Coffee or Tea

Seafood Touch

Exotic Prawn Salad

poached prawn tail with chruncy coleslaw

Tuna Tataki

Seared pink tuna with tomato, orange sauce and Jalapeno salsa

Lobster Soup Cappucinno

creamy lobster bisque with crispy bread cheese

Fruit Sorbet

Seafood Fiesta

grilled lemon garlic marinated half of lobster, prawn, squid, scallop, fish with three kinds of sauce

Cheese Cake

baked cream cheese cake with strawberry compote

Coffee or Tea

Indonesian Menu

Lumpia Semarang

Fried chicken spring roll served with sweet and sour sauce

Palm Udang

Steamed minced prawn with grated coconut wrapped in Balinese cabbage

Soto Ayam Ambengan

Clear chicken soup with glass noodles, cabbage, and tomato

Fruit Sorbet

Ayam Bakar Taliwang

Spicy grilled chicken in red hot chilli sauce

Rendang Minangkabau

Stew of spicy beef tenderloin with mixed ground spices and coconut cream

Nusantara Manise

Assorted traditional Indonesian cake

Coffee or Tea

Asian Menu

Fresh Spring Roll

Vietnamese rolled fresh vegetables and poached prawn in rice pepper wrap, served with Plum sauce

Thai Beef Salad

Thin sliced seared marinated beef with glass noodles, coriander and mint leaves in Nam Jim dressing

Tom Yam Seafood

Thai famous spicy and sour soup with seafood

Fruit Sorbet

Tamarind Duck

Grilled tamarind duck breast topped with golden sweet tamarind sauce and crispy kale, served with steamed rice

OR Crispy Grouper With Wild Basil

Spicy crispy grouper topped with own red curry paste, served with steamed rice

Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Strawberry Spring Roll

Served with sweet orange sauce

Coffee or Tea