Gong Restaurant


Set Menu Gong Restaurant

Set 1 - 175

Lumpia Sayur

Deep frying vegetables spring roll with tauco sauce

Iga Sapi Bakar

Char-grilled beef ribs served with crunchy vegetables and steamed rice

Pisang Goreng

Crispy fried banana with grated cheddar cheese and chocolate syrup

Set 2 - 135

Otak Otak Ikan

Grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf served with peanut sauce

Sate Lilit Ayam (6pcs)

Minced chicken satays infused with balinese spices served with vegetables and steamed rice

Es Cendol

Pandan rice with jack fruit, coconut milk, ginger palm sugar and ice cream

Set 3 - 145


Beef meatballs in clear soup with celery and crispy shallot

Kare Ulam Segara

Balinese seafood curry served with steamed rice

Wingko Tape

Sticky rice coconut cake with green fermented sauce and ice cream

Set 4 - 135

Cramcam Be Siap

Minced chicken meat soup with fried shallot and garlic

Bebek Betutu

Slow cooking organic duck in lemongrass Balinese sauce served with urap urap and steamed rice

Kolak Pisang

Poached banana in palm sugar and coconut milk

Prices are in thousand rupiah and subject to 11% government tax + 10% service charge